We are committed to educating the whole child: cognitively, emotionally, socially, and physically. Lesson Plans are posted weekly in your child’s classroom and are developed using New Mexico Early Learning Guidelines and Highscope™. This method helps to create an intentional and thought-provoking classroom that challenges young learners.

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Basic Principles of Highscope™

In a Highscope classroom teachers facilitate learning by:

Active Learning

Through active learning children are encouraged to interact with materials in structured learning areas while sharing ideas and thoughts with their teacher. Children explore their environment manipulating materials while forming their own hypothesis.

Adult-Child Interactions

Adults focus on children’s individual interests and strengths allowing children to share their experiences and building on their ideas.

Learning Environments

Teachers provide a wide range of materials both indoors and outdoors to allow children to explore, manipulate and use in a variety of ways.


While children explore in their work areas teachers observe and document their play. Teachers use that information to help guide lesson planning, so they are extending each child’s individual learning. This will lead purchasing decisions which ensures that materials are used to enhance each child’s growth.

Daily Routines

Children will have a consistent daily routine that supports children in their social and emotional growth. Predictability creates consistency and stability for young children when they are in an educational setting.


Children’s plans come from their own ideas and interest. Their planning will guide their choices in what learning areas they will work each day. Before children transition to a new activity, they will meet in small groups to review their plans and daily ideas.

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Play Based Learning

NACA believes that young children learn best in an environment that is designed to stimulate curiosity and discovery by providing hands on learning experiences. We know children learn by doing. Their play is their work. Research has shown that children learn best when they are able to use their whole body to engage all their senses, explore freely, communicate their ideas and interact with caring adults. This will guide them when forming solutions to everyday experiences. Academic content areas are integrated into our curriculum to ensure each child’s learning experience is exciting and meaningful.

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What we add to Support Learning

We build on our play-based curriculum by focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. Each S.T.E.M activity is designed to spark children’s interests and create an atmosphere of fun exploration.


Teachers will provide activities that challenge children to use their senses to investigate elements and behaviors in the natural world.


Children experience technology through everyday experiences. Teachers enhance experiential and imaginative play by creating themes in learning areas by adding recycled electronic keyboards, cash registers, old phones etc.


Your child will have ample opportunity to explore different ways of solving problems, building new vocabulary such as gravity, build, liquid, and balance.


The best strategies for children to learn early math skills is through active learning. Number concepts are embedded in learning areas providing opportunities for children to sort, classify, compare, use one-to-one correspondence and measure.

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Technology and Media

Noah’s Ark Children’s Academy values the developmental need for hands-on experiential learning. We understand that it is essential for young children to express themselves in a ‘screen-free’ environment while still developing the skills for success in a modern education system.

  • Media viewing will not be permitted with children under 2 years of age.

  • Media viewing will be limited to 6 hours per month and align with classroom curriculum.

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