Turtles and  Bumblebees

Turtles and Bumblebees: Our Infant Program

Our infant program is where we plant the seeds for success. NACA believes that you are your baby’s first teacher. Therefore, our focus is on building relationships with the entire family. We will work in close communication to ensure that our schedule and routine meets your child’s individual needs. Our team of trained professionals work to provide meaningful experiences and rich classroom environments to stimulate your infant in all developmental areas. Infant lesson plans promote language through constant interactions and fine and gross motor skills through simple activities, such as tummy time. Teachers introduce sensory based materials, such as nontoxic paints and music, as well as textured items to promote basic skills. Our infant program will provide the building blocks for their foundation of learning.

Ducklings and  Penguins

Ducklings and Penguins: Our Toddler Program

Our one-year-old program is where our children establish their roots for learning. Our teachers provide both outdoor and indoor activities that offer toddlers the opportunity to explore cause and effect. As your child develop new peer interactions and an understanding of the growing world around them, the teaches will use language development techniques and visual learning tools to lead them. Toddler lesson plans at NACA provide fun and stimulating experiences that guide the children and encourage positive peer relationships. Children begin to develop a sense of trust for his/her caregiver, and the environment, which is why you will find each teacher to be responsive and loving as they interact with your child.

Bunnies, Pandas, and Koalas

Bunnies, Pandas, and Koalas: Our 2-Year-Old Program

As your child grows with us, and their roots start to take shape, they are developing a stronger sense of self. This is an exciting new age filled with new words, skills, and social challenges. We know your two-year-old sprouts curiosity, which is why children are given the opportunity to explore in an age-appropriate environment, while being supported by teachers who are ready to meet their needs. Our two-year-old team provides activities that support language development and encourage self-help skills as their independence in learning grows.

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Raccoons, Cubs and Squirrels: Our Early Pre-K Program

Our Early Pre-K Program is where you will see your child S.T.E.M. into more structured learning. Science, technology, engineering, and math are all incorporated into daily activities and lesson planning. Their curiosity, language skills and abilities make them ready to flourish and extend their imagination. Our teachers work hard to maintain an exciting but predictable daily routine. Children will be encouraged to speak in full sentences, practice listening skills and develop stronger memory abilities. Teachers will develop activities that extend their attention span, develop peer relationships, practice self-regulation which promotes independence, respect, and empathy.

Lions, Tigers, Cougars and Jaguars

Lions, Tigers, Cougars and Jaguars: Our Pre-K Program

Here at NACA you will see your child blossom in our research-based Pre-K program. Children will build pre-literacy, writing and math skills. Teachers use daily observations and intentional interactions to develop their lesson plans and assess your child’s progress. Pro-social skills are key to your child’s kindergarten readiness as well as essential educational goals like recognizing upper- and lower-case letters, developing phonetic awareness and identifying letters by sounds.


Bears: Our School-Age Program

Our school-aged program is designed to extend your child’s learning through fun, social and exploratory experiences. After a full day at school our focus is to provide a safe and secure environment to de-escalate, complete homework and enjoy outdoor activities. Teachers lesson plans provide structured opportunities that focus on language development, math and science concepts and cooperative play.

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Summer: at Noah’s Ark Children’s Academy

The Summer program focuses on socialization through academic and art activities, outdoor games, and interactive experiences. The goal is to further your child’s learning through the Summer months by fostering a love for learning with a creative, relaxed, and fun atmosphere.

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