What Families Have To Say

"I am so happy I decided to send my daughter to Noah's Ark! They gave me the confidence that my child is entering APS with a head start that will help her succeed. Not only did she expand her education, but she obtained social skills that will help her excel even further. I will certainly be sending my younger child there when she is ready for pre-k!

Vanessa Mellone

My daughter has been attending Noah's Ark Children's Academy on Candelaria for a year and a half and now my son is a part of their program. I feel totally confident leaving my children in their care. My children are happy to see all of the staff that work there. Everyone knows who my children are and that makes me extremely happy. My daughter is learning so much with the curriculum that they teach. I love the staff and the program at Noah's Ark Children's Academy on Candelaria.

Nikkole Andreas

I am extremely happy and thankful to the sweet staff of this facility. My daughter loves going and I feel safe leaving her there. The staff are consistent. The staff are all very kind. Video recording does occur here makes me feel safe. Upgrades to the facility and clean grounds make it so inviting

Ashley Ivey

I am very satisfied with Noah’s ark, at first my daughter cried a lot to the point that I thought of taking her out and putting her in another school, but I really appreciate the teachers and workers who insisted that my daughter stay and that I could give them the opportunity to make my Daughter feel welcome. my daughter has been going now for 3 months and I can say that I do not regret Leaving her at this school, she is now very happy with her school her teachers love her , when I pick her up she doesn’t want to leave she wants to continue playing.... all staff are very nice they always make you feel welcome , I want to thank in a special way to April she always helped me at the beginning when registering my daughter, ms. Teena & ms Keeana ! Thank you !!! For all you do for me & my daughter !!!!! ❤️❤️???☺

Daniela Gonzalez

It's horrifying when you leave your baby at a day-care the first time, the separation anxiety, and having to be away from them for the first time can be hard, but thanks to NACA's team, I grew more and more confident with them. My daughter is 2 y/o and loves coming here now, and being able to interact with other kids has greatly increased her communication, participation, and social skills. Highly recommend

Jennifer Haack

The folks here are attentive, kind and make sure each child is well taken care of and loved. My son was at a well known daycare before and had a bad experience, Noah’s Ark is like night and day in comparison. I cannot say enough good things about this daycare!

Harmony De La Rosa

This has been a great place for our 4 year old great grandson. It is far more than day care. They work on many aspects of development and social skills. Kids learn about multi-steps tasks, reading, science, working in groups, and pick up after a task is done and placing the materials back into the correct storage area. The staff is very caring and welcoming. I can not think of any negative aspects of sending your child to this facility.

Steven B.

Hello, Noah's ark parent here, I personally love Noah's Ark. They have been kind and generous and always been helpful. They care for my child as not only as a customer but as a personal friend. They welcome us with a smile and appreciation at all times. My son loves his care taker who always makes sure he is comfortable. My son has transitioned from another location and they helped make it so easy. I feel blessed to have Noah's ark to care for my child!

Helena Y.

My daughter first attended in February 2019 as a 9 month old. After a year I had to take her out of this program and cried as I did. I love the staff and information they gave me regarding my daughter. They are very reliable and helpful. I am very excited to get her back as soon as possible. At this point, I consider them family!

Angel Y.

Amazing place! Amazing staff, best teachers especially pre-K teachers! Thank you Noah's Ark for making the transition to starting school after staying home since my daughter's birth easier for both me and my child. Thank you for providing a safe and loving "2nd home"/school/community for my child, my niece and my nephew. I've never worried or second guessed my decision to enroll my daughter in school at Noah's Ark Children's Academy! Thank you

Alicia A.

My child has attended here since the pandemic started. Everything is uncertain but the staff and teachers continue to provide normality for my child. They love going here. I find the activities appropriate and the ability to talk with staff about issues extremely easy. They take feedback on board and are willing to make changes. Given how difficult it is to have childcare open during a pandemic (hence schools are closed...) NACA at Montgomery has done a wonderful job being safe (masks all the time, face shields and other PPE). Honestly I’m surprised there hasn’t been several Covid outbreaks given the size (only 1 case back in May 2020). This is a great day care

Amanda S.

"Thank you so much for taking care of my sweet boy! It means a great deal to me that I know he is loved and taken care of! Every morning that he reaches for his teachers shows me how much love NACA has for him :)"

Kindle R.

" My family has had a long and happy history with the entire Noah's Ark organization. Highly referred!"

Lily H.

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